At Frisch Financial Group, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their vision of financial success.  As their partner in this journey, we are excited to announce three changes we have made recently that are designed to expand on our mission “to help you protect, preserve and enhance your wealth.”

New Website: We are eager to share with you our newly redesigned website.  In this online hub you will find a dedicated client center where clients can securely access their portfolio dashboard and upload documents as necessary.  As you explore the site, you can get to know a little more about the Frisch team members, dive into an archive of articles written by our advisors on a variety of financial topics, and learn more about the services we offer.  We hope that you will visit often, as we will use our new website as another forum to provide you with timely financial insights and education.

Updated Branding: You may have noticed that we recently changed our logo and have included the phrase: “Your Bridge to Financial Independence.” We feel that it was important to bring this front and center, as this statement serves as a reminder of our foundational commitment to our clients. From investment management and financial planning, to supplying tools and resources that help our clients make informed decisions, to maintaining open lines of communication, all that we do is grounded in this guiding principle that we are first and foremost here to support our clients and their goals.

Additional Staff Members: Over the last 8 months we have added 4 full-time members to the Frisch Financial team.  The reason for adding these employees is to best serve our clients.  We want to give our advisors the capacity to continue to provide the high-end service that is expected here at Frisch.  With ever changing tax laws, market volatility and many other variables, our advisors need time to understand each client, their goals and how we can reach those goals together.  With this in mind, we also wanted to create time for our advisors to help new clients.  If you know of someone who can benefit from our knowledge and services, please do not hesitate to give them our information.  We are happy to speak with them.

As we approach nearly 25 years of service, our website, new logo and growing staff are reflective of our commitment to our clients, and we continue to seek ways that we can best serve.