Team Red, White & Blue

Chances are if you’ve ever been witness to a marathon or obstacle race, you’ve seen participants wearing red shirts with an eagle emblazoned on the front. You might see people wearing these shirts in your local gym, in a yoga class or jogging alongside you in a 5k. These are members of Team Red, White & Blue.

Team RWB’s mission statement is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity. With over 150,000 members making up nearly 200 chapters nationwide, Team RWB is one of the largest veterans’ non-profits in the country. Members of the organization are veterans, family members and civilians. No military experience is required and there is no cost to join the team.

Throughout the year, Team RWB’s chapters across the country participate in athletic events, exercise classes and training experiences that allow the members the opportunity to come together in an environment where they can support each other both physically and mentally. It is not easy for military personnel to reacclimate to “normal” daily life once they have completed their service. Many suffer from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and thoughts of suicide, with an estimated 22 veterans taking their own lives each day. Team RWB gives members a way to connect with other vets who may understand how they feel, and with civilians who want to do more than simply say, “Thank you for your service.”

Denise Jackson, a Senior Client Services Associate at Frisch, along with her husband, Darren, are both members of Team RWB. Darren served as a Marine for 13 years and has been in the Air Force for 22 years. He is currently a Technical Sergeant in the New York Air National Guard. They both are passionate about their involvement with Team RWB and see it as a way to give back and support the military community they are so deeply connected to.

Darren and Denise are currently training for the next event they will participate in with their chapter of Team RWB. On Sunday, April 14th, they will participate in the 2019 Tough Ruck in Concord, Massachusetts. Tough Ruck, run by Military Friends Foundation, is held the day before Patriots’ Day and the Boston Marathon. It is sanctioned by the Boston Athletic Association and Ruckers are awarded the first of the Boston Marathon Medals. Denise will carry a 15-pound backpack and Darren will carry a 35-pound rucksack as they travel the 26.2-mile course together, rain or shine. According to, “Tough Ruck is a group of military and civilians whose sole purpose is to Ruck in honor and in memory of our Fallen Service Members, Police, Firefighters and EMTs, while raising funds to support military families in times of need.” Large yellow, blue, red or white ribbons worn on participants’ rucksacks each bear the name of one of the fallen.

At Frisch, we greatly admire both Denise and Darren for their dedication to this noble cause and are proud to support Team Red, White & Blue and Military Friends Foundation. Please contact us if you’d like more information.