In Appreciation of Nurses

The coronavirus pandemic has created a seismic impact on each of our lives and during this unforeseen time there are countless individuals who have emerged as heroes. From our first responders, to grocery store workers, to utility service providers and delivery service men and women, we owe a debt of gratitude to all who are selflessly putting the needs of others ahead of their own.

As we are witnessing by many accounts, medical professionals continue to rise to the occasion treating patients on a 24/7 basis. Work life balance is being tested due to stressful work conditions, while maintaining some sense of stability in their own lives.

Frisch Financial recognizes the burdens that are being placed on the medical community. Nurses in particular are being called upon to provide exceptional levels of care for both patients and their families. There are countless stories of nurses going above and beyond their required professional duties during this time of crisis, and in our own small way, we are offering our thanks.

Just as nurses are utilizing their expertise in caring for their patients, we are providing our expertise and professional services in return. In gratitude, Frisch Financial is offering complimentary financial consultations for nursing professionals. We are making ourselves available to answer financial questions, provide general guidance, and consult on specific situations they may be facing.

It is our sincere intention to support nursing professionals who are doing so much for others, and it is our honor to offer our assistance to these healthcare heroes. If you know a nurse who may be looking for financial support and guidance, please contact us. One of our advisors will respond accordingly.

We are grateful to all the essential workers who give so much of themselves and wish you all strength and good health as we continue to look ahead to better days.