We are the recipient of AdvisoryHQ’s Top 10 Advisory Award based on our fiduciary duty.

Frisch Financial Group, located in Long Island, New York, and Florida, recently received the Top 10 Advisor Award in New York City from AdvisoryHQ. Using AdvisoryHQ’s Top-Down Advisor Selection Methodology, the Top 10 Advisor Award was awarded to financial firms based on their fiduciary duty, independence, transparency, customized service level, innovation history, fee structure, services provided, team excellence and experience.

AdvisoryHQ is a news media company that reviews and ranks firms throughout the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. AdvisoryHQ independently researches financial advisory firms, and ranks them without any payment from the firms. AdvisoryHQ publishes the reviews and rankings so consumers do not have to worry about finding a good firm. For information on how AdvisoryHQ selects their top advisors: Selection Methodology.

Frisch Financial Group earned the Top 10 Advisor Award based on a few key factors, including our limited number of clients, extensive services provided, our fee-only structure, and our years of experience.

* Limited Client Base – At Frisch Financial Group, our clients are our top priority, so we limit the number of clients in order to provide you with a individualized experience every time. 
* Services Provided – We offer a wide range of financial planning and investment management services and help you determine exactly which services meet your needs. 
* Fee-Only Structure – Our fee-only structure means that we do not work on commission and do not sell any products, thus our team offers unbiased advice. 
* Years of Experience – Our team of advisors and staff have over 100 years of service in the financial advisor field.

In addition to receiving the Top 10 Advisor Award, Frisch Financial Group also received The Women’s Choice Award® for the last four years. This award is granted to advisors that are committed to serving women clients and the women’s market. For information on how The Women’s Choice Award selects their top advisors: Evaluation Criteria Considered

Additionally, our years of experience allow us to provide services that are geared towards executives, business owners, and families.

For executives, we offer assistance with understanding the “golden handcuffs” that often come with success in the corporate world. Our goal is to help you understand the complex benefits associated with these golden handcuffs, which can include stock options, deferred compensation, Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERP) and excess benefit plans.

For business owners, our team assists with answering questions about your small business that relate to your personal finances and your taxes. At Frisch Financial Group, we have financial advisors that are credentialed as both CPAs and CFPs to help you better understand the ins and outs of your small business finances, and thus how to prepare for the present and for the future. Our team works together with your CPA to help you make informed decisions.

For families, we provide wealth management knowledge in order to prepare a financial plan or investment strategy for your hard-earned wealth. Our family focused approach values and works with each member of the family so you are able to leave behind a legacy for many generations.

Regardless of whether our clients are executives, small business owners or families, our team at Frisch Financial Group is dedicated to providing wealth management and financial planning options for you. To learn more about our services and how we can assist you, contact us today to set up a meeting in one of our offices in New York City, Long Island, Westchester, or Florida.