Financial Planning

Financial planning is an evolutionary process and not a leather-bound book to put on your shelf at home. It is not a “thing” that you purchase, but a long-term relationship with a trusted and knowledgeable financial expert, who is committed to putting you first.  At Frisch Financial Group, our financial planning and wealth management services START with peoples’ lives – not numbers.

Chances are that you have some specific issues or concerns that have brought you to us. With our process, you don’t have to wait months to complete a formal, written financial plan before any action is taken – by then it could be too late. We have the 25+ years of expertise to evaluate your goals, needs, tax situation and risk profile to help you take immediate action on those pressing items, while identifying additional issues and creating an agenda to perform further in-depth analysis.

Our financial planning process is unique in regards to the time commitment we require because we understand that your time is valuable. Our financial planning process does not require hours of your time meeting on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. We find that many people are extremely overwhelmed by the traditional financial planning process due to the information overload that comes at the end of it. This can lead to the abandonment of financial planning with little to no action taken.

Our financial planning process values your time and provides the financial planning process in quarterly pieces. We will help you prioritize your most pressing needs and address each accordingly. At each quarterly meeting, we address a specific category of the financial plan going over our calculations, projections, likely implications and recommendations. We explain everything and thoroughly educate you on the options so that you can make informed decisions and take action.

We don’t provide advice or guidance without being able to see the entire picture, and we don’t take any action until you completely understand what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and any costs associated with the recommendation. Frisch Financial Group is a Registered Investment Adviser and we take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously and only make recommendations that are best for you and free from conflict.

Frisch’s Financial Planning Services are 100% customized to your situation, goals, needs, time frame, and risk tolerance.

Because life is never a straight line and changes in goals and circumstances are as inevitable as death and taxes, we regularly re-evaluate where you’re at and adjust the plan accordingly. We treat life as a journey and help you make decisions that bring you and your family happiness and financial security at every point along the way.

We provide a wide array of customized financial planning services.  These comprehensive financial services include, but are not limited to:

  •  Specialty Planning

    • Small Business Planning

      Planning for Significant Expenses (i.e., college tuition, home, etc.)

      Financial Planning in the Event of Divorce

      Financial Windfall Planning (ie. inheritance, lottery)

      Widow/Widower Assistance

  • Executive Compensation Strategies & Stock Option Planning

    • Single Stock Concentration Analysis
      ISO v. Non-Qualified Options & Exit Strategies for Grants
      Review Deferred Compensation Strategies
      AMT Considerations

  • Pension, Profit Sharing & Employee Benefit Plan Consultation

    • Analyze Retirement Plans
      Identify Potential Pre-tax Benefits
      Maximize Tax Deferral Methods
      Retirement Plan Investment Management

  • Retirement Planning

    • Inflation Rate v. Investment Return Analysis
      Life Expectancy & Minimum Distribution Calculations
      Early Retirement Analysis

  • Estate & Gift Tax Planning

    • Review of Existing Estate Planning Documents
      Gifting Techniques & Use of Trusts
      Estate & Generation Skipping Transfer Tax Illustrations
      Charitable Planned Giving Techniques

  • Investment Planning

    • Asset Allocation Models
      Performance Evaluations
      Income v. Growth Analysis

  • Income Tax Planning

    • Minimization of Tax Liability
      Tax Planning with Investments
      Wealth Preservation Strategies

  • Personal Insurance Planning & Risk Analysis

    • Existing Coverage v. Necessary Coverage Review
      Review of Life, Disability, Long-Term Care, & Property and Casualty Policies

  • Cash Flow Management & Personal Budget Preparation

    • Multiple-year Projections
      Annual Expense to Income Reports
      Identifying Cash Flow Improvements

If you’re interested in learning more about our financial planning process and determining if it’s fit for you, we would be happy to meet you in any of our offices (Long Island, New York City, Westchester, or Tampa).

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