About FFG

Frisch Financial Group is a fee-only, fiduciary, financial planning and investment management firm located in Long Island, New York City, Westchester, NY and Tampa, FL, that is focused on wealth management and the simplification of complex financial situations for our clients. Our investment and financial planning recommendations are unbiased and carefully constructed to your best interests. Our team is dedicated to uncompromising ethics. Your life-long ambition of financial freedom for a comfortable retirement lifestyle is what we work on, day in and day out. In an ever-changing world, we’re driven by what’s right for our clients.

Our clients work hard, and want to know they’ll have the resources they need to maintain the lifestyle they want.  We help keep them on the right path by combining investment strategies with a financial plan designed to preserve what they have, while achieving their goals.  While we do serve a select client base with complex financial situations, there are three types of people for which we have specialized expertise: family owned businesses, senior executives, and families focused on creating multi-generational wealth.

These types of clients have one very important thing in common that demands the need for a higher expertise than is found from the typical financial advisor – complex tax issues. The wrong tax strategies can make your retirement far more expensive. While we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in financial planning and wealth management, what our clients value most is our hearts. We are a firm focused on families and seeing those families achieve their dreams. Money is simply the resource that fuels their lives and those dreams. We are their trusted partner in safeguarding, growing, and preserving that very valuable resource.

Frisch Financial has recently ranked as one of the top 9 advisory firms in New York by AdvisoryHQ and has received The Women’s Choice Award® five years in a row (2013 - 2017).

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you, we can meet with you in any of our offices: Long Island, Manhattan, Westchester or Tampa.

Our Mission

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