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Our Financial Services to Families

Family is a theme that permeates everything we do at Frisch Financial Group.

We treat our wealth management clients like family. If we wouldn’t be comfortable having our own parents, grandparents, children or grandchildren implementing a financial planning or investment strategy, then we don’t recommend it to our clients.

The vast majority of our clients are with us throughout multiple life stages and say that they feel like we’re family.

First and foremost, we take a family focused approach to financial planning. We refer to our clients as “families.” Our families have worked hard for the wealth they have accumulated and they want that hard work to continue to leave a legacy for generations to come. You don’t need to be a Kennedy, Walton or Buffet, to be able to leave a legacy – business, financial, or philanthropic. However, the strategies needed to carry the legacy forward are complex and have significant legal and tax implications, so you need a wealth management firm to help you implement them appropriately.

It is a well-known fact that men have shorter life spans than women – on average. Since most families end up being led by the matriarch, it is important that you work with a financial advisory firm that communicates well with women, shares information in a manner that women prefer, and who values both spouses as part of the team.

For multiple years in a row, Frisch Financial Group has won the coveted Women’s Choice Award for Financial Advisors. We strive to build a strong partnership with every member of the family.

Lastly, when you cross our family focus with our expertise in working with small business owners, you get “Family Owned Businesses.” We help family owned businesses address financial and personal issues. This includes the added complexity of legacy and estate planning that can make transferring a non-liquid asset, like a business, from one generation to another in a fair and tax-efficient manner very difficult.

If you’re looking for a wealth management firm that will be with your family through all of it’s trials and tribulations, contact us for an introductory meeting to start building the relationship. We can meet with you and your family in our Long Island headquarters or any of our offices in Manhattan, Westchester, or Tampa, FL.


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