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Why do some financial advisors seem to put all of their clients in the same investments or allocations? Every person is different. Every portfolio should be different.

At Frisch Financial Group, your portfolio is developed in partnership with you. If you enjoy learning about investing and finance and want to participate in investment decisions, we will work with you on that. We will review your ideas, provide our recommendations, and work together to invest your portfolio. On the other hand, if you don’t want to get that involved, you don’t have to! Though we do still make sure that you have a full understanding of how we are investing your money and why we recommend those investment strategies.

Further, it’s not just one advisor making the investment recommendations; we have an investment team made up of 5 advisors who help guide recommended strategies and investments based on the ever changing circumstances in the market, in the economy, and in your life. We encourage the members of the team to share different ideas and debate varying opinions. This ensures that potential consequences of any action within your portfolio have been thoroughly considered.

Other firms consider a “custom” portfolio to be a slightly different mix of the same funds that are in all of their client portfolios. They may adhere to a very specific and rigid investment philosophy and methodology. Many investment philosophies can be very successful in certain market and economic conditions, but what if those conditions change?

At Frisch, we ask, “Why limit your investment options to just a few? And, why restrict your investment strategy to only one?”

Our investment team is constantly reviewing all types of investment vehicles to identify those that are most appropriate. They also monitor individual stocks, bonds and alternative investments using both fundamental and technical analysis to identify investment opportunities. We determine the best parts of multiple investment methodologies and intertwine them. We can also shift from one methodology to another based on market and economic conditions that may provide either greater potential for growth or better potential for stability and safety. Rebalancing is done strategically to take advantage of market conditions, stock prices and your tax situation; not just because it’s time to rebalance.

The bottom line is that your portfolio is developed and maintained by a team of advisors working collaboratively; not a single advisor juggling every aspect of their advisory business. We develop an investment strategy based on your financial goals, risk tolerance, market conditions, the economy, and even the political climate. When any one of those things changes, we make adjustments. Lastly, we ensure that you thoroughly understand what we recommend and any activity taken with your investments.

We are your partner and your team.

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