We are excited to give back with our charitable projects, like giving clothes to the local shelter & sponsoring children.

During this holiday season, Frisch Financial is excited to find several ways to give back. Jake, step-son of Denise Davies, is in the U.S. Navy. He is 19 years old and works and lives on a submarine tender as a Hull Technician and Fireman. Frisch Financial was looking for a way to give back to the military and decided to start a collection of needed items for him and his crew. Through the generosity of employees, family and friends of Frisch Financial Group, the office was able to send 9 boxes filled with items ranging from candy and movies to personal necessities. All was mailed last week, in time for a December delivery of holiday cheer.

In addition, the firm “sponsored” 10 children for the holidays with clothes and toys to be delivered to those less fortunate on Long Island. Many of the staff do this every year with different organizations. However, it was a wonderful experience this year to share the shopping with our families and then share this experience with the entire office, with the knowledge that our efforts will help provide clothes and toys and bring happiness to youths locally.

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